Providing musicians who have a passion for music –
• Musician/Band Booking Agent [click for information].
Arranging and negotiating paid bookings for your musical performances in the Kansas City area, including but not limited to: local clubs, bars and restaurants, concert venues, houses of worship, weddings, special occasions, corporate functions, charity events, sporting events, special events, publicity events, or broadcast appearances.
• Musician/Band Management and Artist Development [click for information].
We're here to help you make the best decisions related to your burgeoning music career. We can assist singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists mold their career by helping them find excellent music producers, developing relationships with record companies, publishers, agents, and -- most importantly -- build a fan base among the music-loving public. We can arrange for you to record a "big-label quality" demo recording then help you be sure it's out there getting you heard. If you need it, we can search out and arrange songwriters, additional musicians or other services you may need. Developing and releasing press kits, planning promotional activities, creating social network identities and booking shows are large aspects of what we will do for you. Our strategy is first to solidify all aspects of your development, then concentrate on product development, which can include national or international tours.
• Sound Contracting [click for information].
Sometimes all a band needs is a good sound system. We can provide excellent sound in all size venues. Some of our sound systems feature custom-made equipment for unexcelled quality.
• Demo and Professional Recordings
Recordings are the lifeblood of bands today. They make your music live forever, they expand your fan base, and they get your band gigs. We can make demo recordings of very high quality for your band that are as good as fully-mastered albums released by the major labels. Sometimes, the best demo is your band performing live, which is why we offer high quality live recording during your performances. Want a video demo for YouTube or your website? We do that too.
• Record Label
For many bands, landing a record contract is an important step in their career. When you're ready to take that step, let our record label take your band to national and international audiences. Our studio's specialty is analog recording using custom-modified vintage multitrack and stereo recorders, along with custom-made equipment. The result is your album will have that elusive quality you've heard in classic albums from the 1960s and 1970s -- you have to stop, listen and buy the album.

Once finished, we'll release you album in multiple formats, including not just the traditional digital formats (CD and MP3), but analog vinyl LPs and analog tapes.

Next, we'll promote your album everywhere we can, not just at your performances, including downloadable sites like iTunes and brick-and-mortar music stores.

Finally, we will build a line of products around your albums and your band. we're not talking just the usual "merch" like tee-shirts and posters, but things you'd never imaging, like "signature series" music instruments or audio gear, unique fan-oriented products and more. In other words, we'll turn you from a band unto a nationwide or worldwide industry. By the way, notice this is how the biggest names in the music business work. think of the Zakk Wylde signature guitars or the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones as good examples. We can offer these opportunities because we have manufacturing and mass-marketing capabilities not available to the typical local commercial studio.
• Custom Music Instruments and Amplifiers [click for information].
Wish you had a better instrument, an amazing PA system or the ultimate ampliifer? We can provide custom guitars, amplifiers, effects, microphones, signal processors and more.